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Understand where your staff is spending their time and drastically reduce your project life cycle. Ever wonder why your projects are always running behind schedule? Take control of your projects by visualizing project time-to-completion improving your estimates and winning more bids. Design Time Pro will help you closely follow how much time your employees are spending on particular tasks and track historical information to improve your team's efficiency… and much more!

Auto Billing Forms

Accurately Quote & Invoice

Design Time Pro allows your employees to keep track of their time down to the task. With automatic field completion data entry and unlimited task timers keeping track of what you're doing and doing it efficiently is a cinch. Design Time Pro utilizes this information to provide you with analytics such as average project completion time based on size allowing you to accurately quote and invoice future projects.


Measure & Improve

Gain insight and knowledge by running any one of our graphical or analytical reports. Get your hands dirty with our raw data filter reports that allow you to filter and sort through the raw data giving you the power you want to get the information you need. Run workload efficiency reports to be able to measure employee & project outputs. Would like to know what your employees have been doing over a certain period of time? No problem, there's a report for that too!


The Bottom Line

Built from the ground up designed to work with customer focused organizations that need to maintain or build a competitive advantage. Seeking efficiencies in your organization process is not a simple task. This is where Design Time Pro comes in and allows you to gain insight and improve in areas you never imagined. Give Design Time Pro a chance today.

Don't just manage... analyze.