Release Notes
- Initial release
- Corrected: Disabled items on the forms where appropriate when the database is empty
- Added: ability to manage tasks from Projects form
- Corrected: Properly dispose the Task form
- Corrected: tab order on forms
- Corrected: Auto Time Billing form to not close if the timer is running
- Corrected: issue that prevented time billings from being added when user and employee is linked.
- Corrected: Only time billed tasks can now be selected in the auto time billing form
- Corrected: issue preventing application from exiting in certain situations.
- Improved: memory usage.
- Improved: Billing Auto Timer is now much smaller when collapsed
- Added: Refresh function onto Projects form.

- Added: client rates so now clients can have their own special rates
- Added: ability to choose which rate is applied to a project (global rate, designer rates, client rates)
- Added: ability for the database to be upgraded
- Corrected: issue where user can exit form in the middle of adding a new record
- Corrected: search bug on various forms

- Corrected: version numbering
- Corrected: global settings not being set after exiting settings form
- Corrected: client and employee madatory selection on projects form
- Added: global and employee specific maximum opened project settings

- Corrected: When entering a new time billing the grid is now not filtered
- Corrected: typing a project id in the project dropdown in the Time Billings form caused an error.
- Corrected: the internal ref number duplicate check
- Added: Project Data Filter
- total line items
- total billable hours
- Added: Time Billed Data Filter
- total line items
- total billable hours

- Added: reports
- "Employee Workload & Efficiency"
- "Project Efficiency"
- Corrected: Minor bug fixes

- Improved: Speed improvement in certain areas
- Corrected: Minor bug fixes

- Improved: grid visuals
- Corrected: Minor bug fixes

- Improved: Auto Timer form.

- Added: ability to enter client rate info from the Auto Time Billing form.

- Added: user notification if an Auto Time Billing form is open when the user is trying to exit DTP.
- Added: ability to analyze projects that fall on a certain year in the Project Efficiency report

- Corrected: Minor bug fixes

- Added: ability to search projects by client on Projects form

- Corrected: unable to logout issue
- Added: department field on Employees form
- Added: ability to refresh data on forms manually

- Corrected: Project Efficiency - when selecting a year with no data the fields don't change.
- Corrected: Closed Date counts on efficiency reports
- Corrected: Checks DB on startup
- Redesigned: login window

- Corrected: password not saving on specific circumstances on security form
- Added: ability to save grid layouts to the data filter reports
- Added: ability to freeze and unfreeze columns in project data filter report
- Added: group totals to the data filter reports
- Added: GUI enhancements

- Corrected: incorrect data displaying on some report charts and fields
- Enhanced: grid on Projects form

- Corrected: auto time billing form issue where the client rate from the previous selection would not clear
- Corrected: issue with the scheduler not assigning the correct label

- Changed: Tasks button on Projects form to Clients button.

- Corrected: issue with Timesheet Report

- Improved: performance issues

- Added: Client Analytics report

1.0.52 (Updated: March 2, 2011)
- Client Request: Added bulk time billed manual entry capability
- Added: Full Auditing capabilities
- Improved: Further automated automatic time billed entry form.
- Corrected: Bugs & small issues.

1.0.55 (Updated: March 6, 2011)
- Improved: Ability to save bulk data by either "ProjectID" or "Internal Project Number"

1.0.70 (Updated: May 19, 2011)
- Added: Report Invoiced vs Actual

1.0.75 (Updated: June 1, 2011)
- Enhanced: Projects form performance

1.1.00 (Updated: July 9, 2011)
- Enhanced: Time Billings form performance

1.1.50 (Updated: August 3, 2011)
- Corrected: Time Billings & Project form delete issue
- Corrected: Issues with forms not properly closing when database is empty
- Corrected: Issues with forms not enabling and disabling certain controls when database is empty

1.1.55 (Updated: August 4, 2011)
- Improved: Main Menu so that it is better understandable as to the steps required to take when starting a new database.